"I like to touch the viewer's soul with my vibr...">

Alfred Gockel Paintings

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"I like to touch the viewer's soul with my vibrant colors.Often in my paintings I use elements that reflect my challenging past, when as a boy I worked in the coal mines. But my purpose is to express my joy in life, and to show that we can overcome many obstacles through the expressions of life's beauties."
-{$useName} - German abstract painter 1952- now

About {$useName}: Alfred Gockel was born in the coal mining town of Ludinghausen, Germany. Gockel's first work was published when the artist was only eight years old. At 16 Alfred Gockel began to work in the coal mines, and planned on one day becoming an engineer. YOu can find most of Alfred Gockel Paintings on this page. Read The Bio...

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