Born at the end of the 'golden age' of Danish p...">

Peder Mork Monsted Paintings

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Born at the end of the 'golden age' of Danish painting, Peder Mork Monsted can be described as a product of that era. A landscape painter renowned for the clarity of light common to the painters of that age, his naturalistic 'plain air' views made him the leading Danish landscapist of his age.
-{$useName} - Landscaping painter 1859 - 1941

About {$useName}: The Danish Artist, Peder Mork Monsted was born in Balle near Ganaa in eastern Denmark before moving to Copenhagen. Here he studied at the Academy between 1875 and 1876, under Andries Fritz (1828 1906), a landscape and portrait painter, and was taught figure painting by Julius Exner (1825 1910).Monsted travailed extensively throughout his long career, being a frequent visitor to Switzerland, Italy and North Africa. He was an artist who depicted the grandeur and monumental aspect of the landscape, with a remarkable eye for detail and colour.Full catalog of Peder Mork Monsted Paintings are on this page for selection.

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