"I have always found laughter irresistible-well, at least I don't dislike it. I paint people laughing, whether it is a big laugh, a restrained laugh, a crazy-laugh, a near-death laugh or simply laughter about our society: laughter can be about anything."
-Yue Minjun - contemporary Chinese artist 1962 -

About Yue Minjun: The Chinese Artist,Yue Minjun was born 1962, Heilongjiang,China.He is best known for oil paintings depicting himself in various settings, frozen in laughter. Yue Minjun has also reproduced this signature image in sculpture and watercolor. Looking at Yue Minjun Paintings, you will feel comfortable and relax. Read The Bio...

Yue Minjun Paintings - Handmade Canvas Art Reproductions

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